The great Richard Williams brings the cover of his irreplaceable animation guide to life. I’m sure any animation students out there will recognize this.



Wizards (1977)

by Ralph Bakshi

Approximate Run Time: 80 minutes



Out of Sight (敲敲)

This is a graduation Production made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

The main character of little girl in the story confronts a robbery and strays from the road she is familiar with. After passing a hedge, she enters an unknown world and unfolds a magical adventure depending on senses other than vision and her imagination. With soft and cute colors as the main key, we used simple designs to depict the little girls’ imaginary world.

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Bizarre and Beautiful:The strangest animated films ever made.

Twice Upon A Time (link to great article)


Director:John Korty and Charles Swenson

Producer: Bill Couturié and George Lucas

Country of Origin- United States of America

In the words of the film itself, this is what Twice Upon a Time is about.

Once Upon a time…there were some people called the Rushers of Din. Every night as they slept, sweet dreams were delivered to them from sunny Frivoli, and nightmares came to them from the mysterious Murkworks. But the villain of the dark castle was not content.He wanted the Rushers to have nonstop nightmares,and for that he needed control of the Cosmic Clock.It was a time of desperate need for heroes-any kind of heroes." The hero’s in question are Ralph the All-purpose animal and Mum his silent Charlie Chaplin-like colleague. Other memorable charcters include but are not limited to Rod Rescueman (hero in training), Ibor the video gorilla and Scuzzbopper…a writer.

Its good to start into this movie with the knowledge that all the voice actors are improvisational comedians and there are at least two different versions of the same movie known to have existed. Because of this the movie has moments that appear and disappear and different versions of it have been shown at different times The adult version (which included swearing) was seen on HBO briefly in the 80’s and the kid friendly version a few times on Cartoon Network in the 90’s.To this day there has never been a dvd release of Twice Upon a Time and the restored version (complete with swearing) I own was a fan-made bootleg created in the same vein as the Thief and the Cobbler Re-cobbled.

All This sordid history aside the movie itself more then deserves its cult following. Twice Upon a Time is absolutely goregous to look at and employs a form of animation using paper/fabric cut outs dubbed “Lumage” Lumage involves moving semi-transparent characters around on a light board and because of this the film attains a soft inner glow. Each world has its own color palette, and all the scenes in which the characters interact with the “real” photographic collage world of Din is something I don’t think could ever be duplicated.This movie is just…cool. The way it looks, the way it moves, the characters and story. Even it’s completely 80’s musical interludes just feel right. If George Lucas ever helped get an actual legit release of this made I could almost forgive him for the prequels….almost

If you would like to help get the movie released there is currently a petition to Warner bros. here.


Animation: The Oldest and Youngest of all Art forms.

These cave drawings were found by archaeologist Marc Azema and French artist Florent Rivere, who suggest that Paleolithic artists who lived as long as 30,000 years ago used animation effects on cave walls, which explains the multiple heads and limbs on animals in the drawings. The images look superimposed until flickering torch-light is passed over them, giving them movement and creating a brief animation.

Azema and other archaeologists have found small disks called thaumatropes which were carved from bone in Paleolithic times and acted as a crude, mini movie camera by tricking the eye. Azema thinks these artists used similar tools to create the drawings, which give us a glimpse at the first origins of what we know as cinema…and they did it well before those credited with the invention in the 19th century.


Drunky: Fish House Punch Part 1 
Augdenblick Studios

I believe this was created by Augenblick as a proof of concept/pilot for a Drunky series that has yet to be greenlit. I can’t rave enough about Augenblick Studios, it is simply one of the most creative and visually original studios out there right now. period. Most people are familiar with their work on Adult Swim’s Superjail and Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans.


"The Ancestor" by Darlingside

Production by Crazy Lake Pictures based in Brooklyn NY.

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Bizarre and Beautiful:The strangest animated films ever made.

Catnapped!/Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt


Director: Takashi Nakamura

Country of Origin- Japan

Catnapped! Has a plot as complicated as it is weird. Toriyasu and his little sister Meeko are taken by three cat scientists to an alternate dimension called Banipal Witt which is inhabited by anthropomorphic cats. The candy colored world sits atop an enormous sleeping cat that could destroy everything if awakened. The sun in Banipal Witt is fired out of a canon every morning, and when exposed to it people turn into cats (and eventually after too much exposure monsters). Toriyasu’s dog Papadoll (the most adorable name you can possibly give a dog) has been kidnapped and turned into a monster by the evil cat queen Buburina and her henchman Doh doh. Buburina herself suffers from a Midas like curse, everything she touches turns into balloons.

What can be said about Catnapped, the first in this strange series of truly odd films? Well for one thing it is a lost treasure and an anime classic. Those who know about it love it and those who don’t know about it should see it. Catnapped was the pet project of Takashi Nakamura who not only wrote the story and designed the characters but also directed the film. Takashi is mostly known as the animation director of Akira as well as a short stint with Ghibli as a lead animator on Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. And boy does his raw talent shine out of every frame. The animation on Catnapped is pure joy and the design is straight out of a psychedelic dream.

Since my first viewing of this film way back in the 90’s, I’ve always felt Papadoll’s beast design is one of the most beautiful animated monstrosities ever put to screen. It manages to be funny and terrifying at the same time and is exactly what a small child might try to describe but lack the ability to draw.


This Actually Happens A Lot

My fourth year film from CalArts

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Balto character studies © Universal Pictures

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